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We can proudly attest to our partnership with Tesla as certified installers.

Tesla is a well-known US company founded in 2003 and specialized in the production of electric cars as well as energy storage systems such as Powerwall. In  particular, Tesla Powewall 2 has a capacity of 13.5 kWh and it allows to store the energy produced during the day through photovoltaic solar panels and reuse it at night, making the house self-sufficient.



Pleion is an Italian company and a reference point in the solar thermal market.

Pleion has developed a high quality products and systems that take advantages of the infinite sun energy in the best possible way, combining efficiency, ease of installation and use.

In particular the new ECLIPSE is the world’s first intelligent collector that is able to protect itself automatically from excessive solar radiation and to keep the entire solar thermal system in perfect efficiency all 365 days in a year.

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German multinational leader in the polymer business.

The innovative floors, wall and ceiling radiant heating and cooling systems allow to obtain an unprecedented comfort and to reduce energy wastes